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Friday, May 3, 2013


Hello blogs ville!
Let me not bore you with my tale of "having been gone away yet again"...


5 years ago, I changed my status!

It looks like yesterday when I walked down the aisle with him. I remember singing the hymn "through the love of God our saviour, All will be well". Of a truth, and through God's grace all has been well.

We are still standing strong after 5years and I brag on God's faithfulness cos He alone has been faithful!

Dear Lord, I ask for MORE GRACE to be able to stand by the man you have given me through thick and thin....


Friday, September 14, 2012


I have been long gone for ages and this is because my life has been packed full of events.
I am now a mother of two and my life has totally changed for the better, anyway.
Now I know how demanding motherhood can be.
But I must confess that It’s been God all through….
Dear Lord, my help in ages past, I still register and acknowledge you as my hope for years to come.
I’m not where I used to be , though on the way to where I want to be, Joyful still that I am moving.
For a loving and caring husband and two beautiful princesses, I am more than grateful.
I’m optimistic that my best days are here and not behind me but right here and it has already started.
I rejoice for being alive and for having lost count of my blessings.

LOUD VERSE: " ...In everything give thanks......" 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If today was my last day on earth, here is what my list of "THINGS TO DO" (not in any particular order) will look like:
  • Clean up guest room
  • Buy groceries
  • Laundry
  • Call Grandpa
  • Finish up on my long overdue book (covering my face in shame)
  • Revive and finish up on my sowing lessons and classes (sad face at this still cos this is not a day's job)
  • My bible-in-one year plan
  • Attend choir rehearsals

Now the list is not exhaustive but this is just some out of the so many things I need to do. Okay I'm thankful its not my last day but do I know which day will be my last? No, I don't!

Memories of the events of June 3 is gradually rolling away but the lesson I am holding on to is sticking with me and I pray it does so for good. Okay, so there was indeed another avoidable plane crash in Nigeria, too bad!

I had planned to blog on something else but my plan was short lived by the event of June 3, 2012-the black Sunday! Oh how black can black really be? That day was indeed black! The truth of the mattter is that I'm just getting over the sad event.

It was just some few hours after the news of the bomb blast in bauchi that the news of the Dana crash came in. what a gory day! And then it became more sad when you start reading/hearing /knowing of those involved in the crash. Somehow, we all are affected 'cos you just know someone who knows someone that was involved. I pray that their souls rest in God's bosom and more importantly, I pray for strength for the loved ones, family, friends and relatives that they left behind.

Now, tell me did this people see death coming via a plane crash or any other means earlier that day? NO! That tells me that as at the time of their death, they all had things to do, stones untouched....Morale of this is that I should not leave till tomorrow what I ought to do today....

In all, I have learnt to simply live everyday as if it were my last. I don't know and I believe no one knows when death would come calling. Folks, I challenge us all to make everyday count for good and do all we ought to do 'cos the bitter truth of the matter is that the clock is gradually ticking.

May God help us all!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello Blogsville!
Its been looooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggg since I have been here.....

First, I hope its not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, let me also say "HAPPY NEW MONTH" since June is just some few hours away. I have abandoned "Loud Thots" for quite a while now as this is actually my first "official post" this year. I must confess that I didn't plan it that way but I began the year in a JOYOUS WAY, hubby and I welcomed an addition into our royal family in January. We ushered in another beautiful princess and she it is, that has been taking larger portion of my time.

I resumed work this month after being on maternity break and with God's grace, Loud Thots has also resumed. Many thanks to all who checked on me while I was away, I appreciate your love and care. Its been a roller coaster of emotions but I'm thankful to God for this addition.

My testimony on this addition is that I experienced a Hebrew Delivery, labour started at about 12.00 midnight and I had my baby at about 2.00 am without any tear or complications whatsoever. Its God oh!!! I also remember so well that I actually desired to either be expecting or to have had a second baby by my first daughter's second birthday, to the glory of God and the shame of the devil, God granted my heart desire. My quiver is indeed fuller as I have become a Queen mother...

I have a lot to share and I pray that God will give me the grace to be consistent with my blog posts, may I request that you follow me as I follow Christ.

With love and prayers,

1st Thessalonians 5:18

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Her testimony really calls for THANKSGIVING...


Irrespective of where you are based, I am wishing everyone on blogsville a Happy thanksgiving as America marks another thanksgiving.....I am thankful for quite a number of things but above them all, am thankful for my one and only kid sis whom, exactly a year ago, the Lord in His infinite mercies saved from the cold hands of death and also ensured that she witnessed her convocation day......Her story is one that calls for real thanksgiving and I am indeed thankful, little wonder that since last year she has christened herself "TESTIMONY".

Read her testimony in her own exact words....

My "no dulling moment" kid sister

"I want to testify to the goodness of God over my life.
Exactly a year ago… I travelled to Oyo state for my convocation. I had to travel a week before the program because I was yet to do clearance. I got to Oyo and dropped my bag at my cousin’s place and headed for school. I got to school very early that day and I was unable to do anything as regards my clearance till 4pm. I decided to go home and
rest. I mounted a bike...myself and the bike man were arguing over the payment

“I said 30naira ni o…… d guy said 40naira ni ooo”  

……….little did I know that was the last thing we both were going to say to ourselves.

We had not moved for 3minutes when the bus before us stopped and the bike guy tried to overtake the bus only for us to be crushed by a trailer!!!!

That was it……I remember being under the trailer and the next minute I found myself across the road walking towards a shop. I looked back and saw people screaming and shouting……….. The trailer dint stop on time but I was not under the trailer but I was surprised the bike man was!!!

I stopped at a phone shop and told the girl there that I wanted to seat down…..she was shocked because my trouser n shoes were in pieces…….. I sat down and then told her that “ I had an accident just now” she got up and started shouting “ call ya papa and mama, wia u dey go? U be student? Wia ur house? Wia ur phone?” that was when I remembered that my phone, my bag and my documents were all under the trailer!!! I told the lady "my phone dey dia!" She called her brother to go and get my stuffs from the scene. Luckily for me, the guy came back with my phone and my bag along with all the pieces of my credentials!

I was surprised, I asked the guy about the bike man…..then he said “he don die”
Then, I got up and started crying…. Died!!! People gathered around me…… I picked my stuff and headed home.
That night I could not sleep… I kept thinking about the guy… I kept thinking why God saved me? Then I remembered we had been praying in church that   
My kid sis on her convocation day, few days after the accident.
“None will embark on a Journey of no Return”.

It’s been a year now… I bless God for keeping me; I bless him for today none of my friends and families have had the course to observe a minute silence for me. The devil tried so that I will not witness this day but he came too late. SHAME TO THE DEVIL!!!"

My sis and I some few years back...

It has been a year now and since that incident my sister's name on her fb page has changed to "adejoke TESTIMONY atanda"...

I am thankful to  God for making me to be thankful over her;
I am thankful today that we are not standing up and observing a minute silence for her;
I am thankful to God that my parents are not mourning over any three of us;
I am thankful to God for such a testimony; and
I am thankful today, to God for being true to His words and putting life in our confession, INDEED, WE SHALL NEVER EMBARK ON A JOURNEY OF NO RETURN!!!

Folks, I pray that thanksgivings and testimonies shall not cease from our lives and that songs of thanksgivings shall continually be sung by us all.


With Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


love of my life....

There is this saying that “one do not toss one’s prized possessions or expensive jewelry around carelessly”, it is on this note that I have to chosen to celebrate my God given man on such a special day as this…..Yeah, I am screaming because it was my hubby’s day yesterday- 01-11-11 and I have chosen to celebrate him.
Adebola mi, I brag on God on your behalf for all He has done for you. I bless this day, some thirty “something” years ago, when you were birthed into the planet earth. I bless God that our paths crossed in life, I’m happy I said “I DO” to you, to the glory of God I have not had cause to regret my saying so. Your presence in my life has made me a better person, because you have taught me so many things. I cannot imagine my life without you and I forbid death for you and even for myself, our seeds, all our friends, family and loved ones.

Oh, the extent you have gone for me all in the name of love is unquantifiable. Words fail me at this time but memory do not..... I recall how you would travel all the way from Lagos to Ile-Ife, Obafemi Awolowo University just because of me; how you threw a birthday party for me at the New Buka in my 400Level; how you travelled all the way by road to the Nigerian Law School, Bwari Campus, Abuja just to encourage me as per my Bar Final Exams; how you encouraged me and financially assisted me to resit for my professional exams; how you kept confessing that I am the "mother of your children" even with no child on the way then, how you stood by me when I had a miscarriage and battled with depression, how you prayed for me when I was about to enter into the labour room; how you threw a surprise birthday party for me on my 30th birthday and got me lots of gifts and particularly presented me with a Blackberry Bold  97980; how you are always quick to say "I AM SORRY" whenever we quarrel and I am at fault; how you keep encouraging me to be the best that I can be ; how you have showered me with lots of attention, care and love since the day we began this journey of love.....

Hubby and I when we began the journey...

Honey, the truth is I could go on and on counting how blessed I am to be in this journey of life with you by my side. Ours is a love that will know no end, ours is a love worthy of emulation and I believe that it will definitely get better...

I celebrate you on this special days and even always! I pray this day that you will arise and maximise God's call upon your life. I pray that the singer in you will find more expression, I pray that the teacher in you will find a platform to express himself the more, I pray that you will fulfill purpose in life, I pray that you wont miss it in life. I pray that today will be the beginning if the best days of the rest of your life.

I promise to love you more with each passing day and to stand by you through thick and thin...

With love, prayers and fond memories,