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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tuesday Morning, July 12, 2011: Getting set to head to my office, I decided to just watch the early morning newspaper review on Silverbird Television. I hardly watch TV in the mornings since there is little or no time to do that because as a Lagosian, I have learnt how to dash out of the house to beat the early morning traffic even though my office is situate on the mainland. Normally, I make do with the news on various radio stations while driving to work but it was a different ball game this morning.

The newspaper headlines, not surprisingly though all had similar titles: the July 10, 2011 Sunday rain and the flood in Lagos, various pictures of floody areas in Lagos, pictures of various cars all submerged in the flood, pictures of Lagosians who were stranded at bus stops and those that had to swim through the flood to get to their destinations. Coupled with what Hubby and I also witnessed on that fateful Sunday, this made me realise the extent of the damage caused by the flood, not just damage to properties but also loss of lives.

How very sad!!!

Few of the newspaper headlines went like this:
·         Vanguard Newspaper: Lagos Flood kills 25; 
·         Punch Newspaper: Deaths, destruction trail Lagos savage floods;
·         234 Next Newspaper: Lagos Residents count losses after heavy downpour.
·         Nigerian Compass Newspaper: My wife lost a baby trying to rescue another.”

This last headline (Compass) was the one that really touched me. The introductory lines went thus,

My wife initially carried our first child, Ayo, on a table, but when the table was   about falling due to the surge of the flood, she rushed to save him and along the line, Elizabeth fell off from her back and all efforts to save her proved futile as the flood swept her away……”

 Elizabeth was a seven-month old baby, according to the story in that paper and she was lost to the flood by her mother, Mrs. Sosanya who resides on Arigbanla Street, Abekoko, Orile-Agege.  I did not know how and when the tears started gushing down my face. I remembered that on that same Sunday, my parents had left their church at about 3.30p.m for their home, which was just a 15minutes drive from the church and did not get home until about 9.30p.m! Less I forget, about five people were feared dead in the area that my parents actually reside. I should at least be grateful to God that they got home safely. My husband and I were to pay them a visit but we had to turn back on our way after driving through various floods. As a matter of fact, water found its way into our car at a particular point in time. We saw various cars that stopped working right in the middle of the flood, many buses were submerged in flooded highways and commuters were also stranded. I heard of a building that collapsed in Ogba and killed those inside at about the time it collapsed. Various stories of the fury of this flood, people which I am sure those of you that reside in Lagos might have witnessed or even heard also.

With those tears in my eyes, I prostrated on the floor, though thankful to God for sparing my life, my loved ones and also properties. I asked God for succor for those that were affected in one way or the other. I asked God to come to our rescue in Nigeria, in Lagos; to guide our leaders right from the very least Commissioner of the various Local Development Councils and Local Governments to the very top; to touch their hearts so that they will serve the people (their Nation)  with all their might when elected and not just think of how to loot the treasury; to cause them to address the issues of poor drainage systems; and we also, the people, Lagosians that God will help us to do the right thing; to be compliant towards waste disposal; not to build houses without good drainage systems, not to build on carnal/water channels; that we all be better people for our very dear Country.

Folks, I am not blogging about this just for the fun of it or just to add to the number of those that have already done so, I am being led to do so and basically the purpose is not to provide situational reports or updates but to search for people who will stand in the gap where Nigeria (not just Lagos) is concerned. I remember God said that if we his people can humble ourselves and pray, then will he hear us and heal our land. I think it is about time we rise up and pray for our dearly beloved Country/State. Let us say no to the devil where the loss of lives and properties are concerned all as a result of flooding. This Lagos flood simply reminds me of the story of Noah and the flood in the Bible –but I am cock sure that the God we serve is not a wicked God, he has promised never again to wipe the earth clean. He covenanted that He will never send another flood to destroy the earth or kill living creatures. That’s why we should pray that our negligence will not result in a man-made flood. Let’s also pray that He will provide us with an Ark, yes an Ark! - Pray that your home will be an Ark.

And for the lost lives, let’s pray that the Lord will grant them eternal rest, let’s pray for their loved ones that the Lord will give them the strength to smile again-for those that lost properties that God will give them double for their trouble, replace their losses and cause them to rise again.

Folks, I believe God that you will join me in this journey of being a PRAY-ER for our land, a minute a day for Nigeria/Lagos is not too much. Yesterday, I damned the consequences of being late to work only because I had to stand in the gap where the needs of the nation are concerned.
Can I count on you that you will remember Nigeria {Lagos} in your daily prayers? I have resolved not just to pray for myself, my family, my friends and loved ones but also for my Country because I know that when it is well with the Country, it is also well with me and then will I be able to eat the good of the land.

Will you join me in being a PRAY-ER, please???

With love and prayers,


Genesis 9 v. 11: I solemnly promise never to send another flood to kill living creatures and destroy the earth.

Genesis 9 v.15: …and I will remember my covenant with you and with everything that lives. Never again will there be a flood that will destroy all life.

2 Chronicles 7 v. 14: Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.