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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If today was my last day on earth, here is what my list of "THINGS TO DO" (not in any particular order) will look like:
  • Clean up guest room
  • Buy groceries
  • Laundry
  • Call Grandpa
  • Finish up on my long overdue book (covering my face in shame)
  • Revive and finish up on my sowing lessons and classes (sad face at this still cos this is not a day's job)
  • My bible-in-one year plan
  • Attend choir rehearsals

Now the list is not exhaustive but this is just some out of the so many things I need to do. Okay I'm thankful its not my last day but do I know which day will be my last? No, I don't!

Memories of the events of June 3 is gradually rolling away but the lesson I am holding on to is sticking with me and I pray it does so for good. Okay, so there was indeed another avoidable plane crash in Nigeria, too bad!

I had planned to blog on something else but my plan was short lived by the event of June 3, 2012-the black Sunday! Oh how black can black really be? That day was indeed black! The truth of the mattter is that I'm just getting over the sad event.

It was just some few hours after the news of the bomb blast in bauchi that the news of the Dana crash came in. what a gory day! And then it became more sad when you start reading/hearing /knowing of those involved in the crash. Somehow, we all are affected 'cos you just know someone who knows someone that was involved. I pray that their souls rest in God's bosom and more importantly, I pray for strength for the loved ones, family, friends and relatives that they left behind.

Now, tell me did this people see death coming via a plane crash or any other means earlier that day? NO! That tells me that as at the time of their death, they all had things to do, stones untouched....Morale of this is that I should not leave till tomorrow what I ought to do today....

In all, I have learnt to simply live everyday as if it were my last. I don't know and I believe no one knows when death would come calling. Folks, I challenge us all to make everyday count for good and do all we ought to do 'cos the bitter truth of the matter is that the clock is gradually ticking.

May God help us all!!!