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adeteju is the 2nd of 3 Children. She is passionate about God ... Adeteju loves to read and also writes, she is of the view that a reader is a leader. She is a wife and a mother.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

....and finally adeteju puts to bed!!!

Yea, I have given birth!!!

Of course I am not talking of my 9 month baby who is almost due for a kid brother  (lol..)
I am talking of this blog....my pet project and my brain child
Been due for quite a while but the cares of this world would just not allow me "push"
I decided on my own that If I do not "push" no "doctor" or "nurse" will help me, the only help they can give is to scream "Push! Push!! Push!!!

And then I consciously decided to push knowing fully well that "there is no gain without pain", I pushed and pushed until I delivered safely .....
Did I hear you say "CONGRATS???"..Yea, that's the word in season....
May I also say "welcome" to my blog page christened LOUD THOTS..(sorry you didn't get an invite to the christening...we had a very silent christening)

This is LOUD THOTS..an avenue for me to scream out my thots.....
Please follow me as I follow Jesus....
My earnest prayer and song is "MAY YOU REALLY BE BLESSED!!!"

Our Lives; Just Like A Marketplace!

Our Lives; Just Like A Marketplace!