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Monday, September 19, 2011


Recently in my office, we got a new brief from one of our clients. We had never handled such transaction before and this brief was assigned to me, so I had to set the pace for subsequent and similar transactions. Our client was a top shot and this automatically implied that, more briefs will come in if we deliver prompt and efficiently. Besides, there was a timeline for this transaction. After enquiries and researches here and there, I commenced the work. Along the line, I made a mistake (I won’t call it a silly one but an innocent one). In an attempt to correct the mistake, I was told that the alteration would slow the pace of the work or succinctly put, halt the work. I was also informed that the process of alteration would take forever- my hubby also confirmed this since he is in the same industry.
I was at a loss and suddenly, these words jumped at me-“IT MAY LOOK LIKE THERE IS NO WAY-BUT GOD WILL CERTAINLY MAKE A WAY!!!’  With these words in view, I began the process of alteration.  I also updated the words as my status on face book. Ten (10) of my friends clicked the “like” button while five (5) friends also commented. Of the comments, one hit me hard because it was obvious that a friend also needed that assurance at that particular time. It is exactly a week today, folks, and I make bold to say MY GOD MADE A WAY!!! He has proven to be the God of all flesh with whom nothing is hard to be done. I’m happy to testify of my father’s miracle working moves…Mistakes altered and the transaction is in process…
Folks, morale of my story is simply to let you know that God is still in the business of performing signs and wonders. He is still a miracle working God.
Is it a particular job/position that you desire and they have told you-“you can’t get there because you don’t know anyone”??? Tell them you know a God who is OMNISCIENCE-He knows all things, He has complete knowledge and He will get you the job/position.
Have the doctors told you that there is no medically proven solution to your ailment? Tell them you serve a God that is OMNIPOTENT. He is a powerful God with an unlimited power and He will prove His healing power in your life.
What is the “BUT” in your life my dear friend??? I encourage you today that the same God who did it for me will do it for you.

With love and Prayers,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


YES!!! that's the question on my mind right now and I have decided not to let go of this question until I get convincing answers to it. If you think you have the answer(s) to this question, please I will be happy to read your responses. I am doing a research on this question and I promise to come back to this forum to share my thots with you.

But really, have you ever pondered on this question before? Have you ever experienced a bad occurrence and the question on your lips was "WHY ME???". Have you ever questioned God just like Job's friends adviced him to, even to the extent of them saying he should curse God and die???  If yes, so how did you get out of the situation?

Dear folks, please I need you to go into deep thought and let me know "Why bad things should happen to good people???"
I will appreciate your comments on this.

With love and prayers, omo'ba!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



May these month of September usher in every of our expected miracles in Jesus name!!!
I apologise for my inactivity on my blog-page, i was experiencing "writers' block" but I made sure that i was not lacking in my weekly blog rounds at least...:)

A liitle research I did concerning the significance of number "9" when I was pondering on what this month holds for me, shows that 9 indicates fruitfulness (at least from the spiritual perspective), it's my earnest prayer that all through this month, we will experience fruitfulness in all areas of our lives.
 I have been reading a book titled "PRIDE MUST DIE" a collection of poems by our dearly beloved desperate naija woman. (You can check her blog out at http://www.diaryofadesperatenaijawoman.blogspot.com/)
Back to my thot, a particular poem jumped at me in the book and i thought it wont be a bad idea sharing it...The poem is titled "DEAD TO ME"...Significantly, i enjoin us all to allow the past months to be totally dead to us while we face the remaining few months in these years with full enthusiasm and faith.

Enjoy the poem:

Down with him I went
Deep into the water, we dipped
Washing away the old, the tainted,
Cleansing, Burying, the dead
Yes, Old Me. Old Man, Old Life
Now, you are dead to me
Go on, stay dead.

All those years, you led me
Down the wide path along with plenty
But one day, one sunny day, to God's side I faltered
I knelt at the foot of the cross, near the altar
Yes, right there, I drowned you in the powerful blood
And Jesus' life I took on
and now, Old Me, Old Man, Old Life
You are dead to me
Go on stay dead.

So dont you try coming back, you hear!
Your voice, your flesh, I know longer to adhere
A new creature I am, alive, living in HIM
You cannot control me, you cannot make me fear
Cos you are dead to me. No more power. No more my life can you steer
I am victorious, I am alive and you
Old Me, Old Man, Old Life
Are truly dead.
You hear???