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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


YES!!! that's the question on my mind right now and I have decided not to let go of this question until I get convincing answers to it. If you think you have the answer(s) to this question, please I will be happy to read your responses. I am doing a research on this question and I promise to come back to this forum to share my thots with you.

But really, have you ever pondered on this question before? Have you ever experienced a bad occurrence and the question on your lips was "WHY ME???". Have you ever questioned God just like Job's friends adviced him to, even to the extent of them saying he should curse God and die???  If yes, so how did you get out of the situation?

Dear folks, please I need you to go into deep thought and let me know "Why bad things should happen to good people???"
I will appreciate your comments on this.

With love and prayers, omo'ba!!!


Myne Whitman said...

I don't really have an answer, but further questions. Who is a good person? How can we judge? And did Bible not say that God does not discriminate? Why do bad things happen, Period?

@ilola said...

My dear, bad things happen to everyone, whether they are good or bad. Good things also happen to everyone. Events are not selective.
The fact that a person is good does not mean the person should expect that bad things will not happen, if that were the case it means everyone will be able to control the events of their life just by being good. The only thing God promises is that we will not be consumed by these things.

I know I can't really explain this cos I am only human, I also know that it can really be painful at times when we good people suffer, but staying strong and holding onto God as the anchor is the only thing that will let the good people get by.

But again, who is a 'good person' and what qualifies them as being good? Ponder on that

wisdomquest said...

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Anonymous said...

you may not find an answer to this question...I will just say just focus your attention on the good things happening around you let God take care of you. I have a feeling this question comes fro a very deep,hurt part of you... just live your life and trust God.it is well

Natural Nigerian said...

I like Mynes's answer. Who really is a good person? The Laws of God are perfect. Who are we to say that he has allowed someone to suffer something that they don't deserve/need to?

Think-About-It said...

Ever had something happen to you that gets you down because that very moment, all you see are the drawbacks caused by what happened? Take one of those scenarios and fast-forward a few days, months later when you look back and say "oh if that thing hadn't happened, I would have lost this rather big blessing I am enjoying now"
We label things good versus bad. Since i don't know the future, i only see challenging things and good things. Everything that happens brings about good. If not for me, for someone else that needs it more.

Daughter of Her King said...

I agree with Myne who is really a good person?

I do not believe bad things happen to good people.

I believe things happen, unpleasant things happen, things that makes us vulnerable, scared and fragile. But, there is a point to it, it is meant to teach us something about ourselves or at least learn something. My point is, when things happen that we do not like or agree with, we think it is bad. But in hindsight it is not bad, it is only bad because we do not like it.

My point: stuff happens and all we can do is pray for grace to deal with all the situations we find ourselves in.

There are no perfect answers to any situation sometimes. But there are perfect experiences that mold us into what we are now and what we can potentially become.