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Tuesday, September 6, 2011



May these month of September usher in every of our expected miracles in Jesus name!!!
I apologise for my inactivity on my blog-page, i was experiencing "writers' block" but I made sure that i was not lacking in my weekly blog rounds at least...:)

A liitle research I did concerning the significance of number "9" when I was pondering on what this month holds for me, shows that 9 indicates fruitfulness (at least from the spiritual perspective), it's my earnest prayer that all through this month, we will experience fruitfulness in all areas of our lives.
 I have been reading a book titled "PRIDE MUST DIE" a collection of poems by our dearly beloved desperate naija woman. (You can check her blog out at http://www.diaryofadesperatenaijawoman.blogspot.com/)
Back to my thot, a particular poem jumped at me in the book and i thought it wont be a bad idea sharing it...The poem is titled "DEAD TO ME"...Significantly, i enjoin us all to allow the past months to be totally dead to us while we face the remaining few months in these years with full enthusiasm and faith.

Enjoy the poem:

Down with him I went
Deep into the water, we dipped
Washing away the old, the tainted,
Cleansing, Burying, the dead
Yes, Old Me. Old Man, Old Life
Now, you are dead to me
Go on, stay dead.

All those years, you led me
Down the wide path along with plenty
But one day, one sunny day, to God's side I faltered
I knelt at the foot of the cross, near the altar
Yes, right there, I drowned you in the powerful blood
And Jesus' life I took on
and now, Old Me, Old Man, Old Life
You are dead to me
Go on stay dead.

So dont you try coming back, you hear!
Your voice, your flesh, I know longer to adhere
A new creature I am, alive, living in HIM
You cannot control me, you cannot make me fear
Cos you are dead to me. No more power. No more my life can you steer
I am victorious, I am alive and you
Old Me, Old Man, Old Life
Are truly dead.
You hear???


Myne Whitman said...

I know DNW and I enjoy her posts. This is a very relevant poem, and happy new month to you too.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! All we need to win our battles have been given to us already.
Happy new month!

enybees-hub said...

Hey Adeteju,
Its great to put a face to your name now, good we met too. Thanks a lot for your words on my blog.
This poem just made sense right now as I read it. DNW is a fun pack true :).
Thanks for posting!

RemiRoy said...

Very lovely, deep and powerful poem!
Thanks for sharing it.
And Happy new month girl. All of God's best!


omoba-adeteju! said...

@ Myne: thanks sis, always a delight reading your comment here.

@ mstizzle: exactly!!!am happy u got my drift..may God help us with our daily battles, thanks for dropping by....

@enybees-hub:yea, twas pretty nice meeting you, Im happy to be associated wth you, sis!

@remiroy-do i say "welcome back" one more time???lol...wish you God's best too...