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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was doing a clean up of my bedroom when I stumbled on this article. I can't remember where exactly I got the article, all I remember was that I got this article when I was a newly wed and it was sooo informing that I printed it out so that I can always read, infact I actually highlighted some statements in it that hit me.

 I am still a newly wed so to speak and this article is still indeed useful. I thought of what to do with it and I decided to be a blessing to the married.... The title is SEX ACCORDING TO PASTOR KHATHIDE from Uganda...you can google PASTOR KHATIDE to know more about him and his ministry...


"A lot of people dont associate sex with God- they associate it with satan and darkness, as if sex weren't holy.
The bible is explicit when it comes to sex. Sex is holy within marriage, and there is no prescribed style. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the missionary position is the only sexual style. Not discussing sex in a relationship leads to divorce!!!

Pastor Khatide has counselled women who've complained: my husband treats me as if I were his brother. There was one who told him: I am tired of getting sex forthnightly, like a salary. Khatide told her she was lucky to be getting sex forthnightly, since some wives only get it on big days like elections.

Many husbands leave their wives to seek sexual pleasure in Hill brow. Have you ever asked yourself what those wives have that you don't? Wives have become very frigid and even sleep with their panties. IF YOU ARE A MARRIED WOMAN, YOU SHOULD SLEEP NAKED AND LET YOUR BUM TOUCH YOUR HUSBAND. (Emphasis mine)

Today you find men going out of their way to get a glimpse of a vagina. They page through magazines and even go to lingerie departments in stores hoping to see what's hidden under panties, because their wives hide it from them.

Marriage is about being free with your body in front of your partner. A woman should parade naked and do same modeling to tempt her husband. There are many married women who don't know what their husband's penises look like. They only feel it when it enters them. They have never switched off the lights before undressing. A penis is a wife's toy- she is supposed to play with it.

He blames couples for not making time for sex and complaining about being tired after a day's work. You find many coules who have been sexually starved for years.

God created sex for procreation and also for pleasure. You can't marry and not have a good time in bed. WHO SAID YOU CAN ONLY HAVE SEX AT NIGHT? Why can't you drive home during lunch and have a quickie with your wife? We are all equal in sex- its's not just about a woman satisfying a man. You have to satisfy each other. Have you ever seen a woman who has been satisfied? Have you noticed how she glows and become energetic? May the Lord bless you.

This is the "Whole Truth Nothing but the Truth" So God help us from the Beginning."

I hope my spirituality is still intact after this piece and I hope so too for you my dear readers......

Lets not just be a reader but a doer!!!

With love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, nice one written with so much gusto and bravery! Hope my breach of the proviso is pardonable given the fact that I'm not married. Will be fully eligible to read sha in a couple of months. Love d directness of your write-up and this makes me look forward to marriage. Hmmmmm! Nice one sha, trust this piece will help so many marriages. Nice one Omoba! Oladele.

Anonymous said...

Only a few women care to know what their husband desires emotionally.you showed to be one of such. tell your sisters, fellow wives,too many are too self absolved to care about this hence their husbands get the attention other women.its very likely that most of those who wld read and or comment on this articles will be men, prove me wrong!the wives, ladies wld rather read about fashion .

HoneyDame said...

I am not married so somehow, this post just strikes a laughter cord in me...Hopefully, when my time comes, I will be able to live up to it...

Chizy K said...

your spirituality is still intact my dear.i think married woman should read these post to remind them, it will save marriages....chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

P.E.T. Projects said...

Aint no shame in your game woman! Hopefully, those who should apply this are reading, as for me, when I get to that bridge...

Anonymous said...

Omooba, well done. I hope u r in d Counselling Group in ur Church, if not please do. U r a material in healing wounded marriages. Bless u richly

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

There is a lot of truth in this
However, the greatest passion killer is ROUTINE - All the boring, mind-numbing stuff one has to do to keep a house running
Good sex comes from two and unfortunately, a lot of African men think it is their 'right' to ravish their wives whenever and wherever.
Whatever each did at the beginning of the relationship - to excite one another - should not stop after marriage.
I'm talking - sweet words, eating out, taking time with appearance etc etc

omoba-adeteju! said...

@ oladele: i'm glad u are looking forward to marriage. i can assure you that with the right attitude, you will enjoy ur marriage. thanks for reading.

@anonymous: ahhhhhhhh, i will prove you wrong that the ladies/wives would also read this oh and also keep it in mind for use. we want to be "husbands and sex conscious" and not just be fashion conscious oh.thanks for ur comment!

@honey dame: i can understand the laughter cord, its excusable for now, dear. I pray that you will be able to live up to it when the time comes...thanks for stopping by.

@Chizy K-Yea, this will indeed save marriages oh..thanks for your comment.
ps: ur blog always keep me updated on happenings around the world...keep 'em coming sis!

@pet projects: yes oh!when you get to that bridge, thou shall surely have sufficient strength to cross...thots.

@anonymous:thanks for ur warm comments, i am not in the counselling dept o-lol.

@NIL:God help us with the routine thing o-its inevitable now. i totally agree with you that we should keep at what we did at the begining of the relationship. God will help us!thanks for stopping by and for ur time!

LD said...

LOLOLOLOLOL...all the way.

Hmmmm... where do I start? You'd have thought that with me being a romance author I wouldn't be so tongue tied but all this sex talk, yeh - hot, but yet so necessary to be talked about.

But seriously,you are right.I tend to read the book of solomon quite often...Sex doesn't get more explicit than that. And those who see sex as some form of robotic excercise to be tolerated and not to be enjoyed, they'll have a shocker if they were to read the book of Solomon. I grimaced when I read what you wrote about women who said that their husbands make love to them like he were making love to his brother. That's really sad. It's even sadder that the whole concept of sex has been degraded and reduced to a lack of meaning, when sex really is a gift of God, one that both partners in a marriage should enjoy.

Emeka Amakeze said...

The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Besides, I can't help but also agree with N. I. L (Naija Mum in London)

omoba-adeteju! said...

LD and EMEKA: thanks for your comments.


Chai! This one is RAW!
Getting married soon and I just cant but thank God for these truths I get to read before getting married. I think they are great lessons I must hold on to. Thanks for following me ma. You are awesome!


Daughter of Her King said...

I agree with LD...

SEX IS A GIFT and I think in marriage it should be given equal treatment as LOVE. It should be respected, appreciated, seek to improve etc..

I am pray when I get there I will do my part beautifully including the HUBBY....

Nice post..

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