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Thursday, March 17, 2011


One Lovely Blog Award!!!
Even me???
I was pleasantly surprised on Monday when I received comments informing me that loud-thots had been awarded the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD".  I was all smiles.
Hugs and Kisses to Vyvyka and Remi Roy. I never expected this award this early since I am a Rookie Blogger.

Here is the rule of the award:
  • Link back to the blogger who gave you the award;
  • Write Seven things about myself ;
  • Tag fifteen other bloggers I have recently discovered and pass the award to them; and
  • Notify the bloggers that I have tagged

Seven things about me (in no particular order)
  1.  I am a shy and introverted person although I tend to come out of my shell once in a while;
  2. I nurture, value and cherish relationships. I do not go out of my way to make friends, but the ones I have I keep;
  3.   I hate animals with a passion. I have never owned, I do not own and I do not intend to own any household pets in the nearest future;
  4. I love to render "helping hands", "listening ears", "shoulder to lean on". I love to be there for people around me when it matters the most;
  5. I love to stand and pose in front of a camera. I love taking pictures because I believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made. *wink*;
  6. I love God with a passion!!! and
  7. I want to "die empty"!!! I want to empty my talents, my gifts, my callings, I want to empty all that I am, all that I have I want to empty "ALL"..........
I hereby tag the following blogs with the award "ONE LOVELY BLOG..."
Folks, here is to let you know that your blog simply rocks...:):):)


RemiRoy said...

Bless your gracious heart Teju. I do appreciate the 'retaliation' loool.

We're so much alike on almost all #s.
I don't like animals too and yes, I'm kinda shy.
So nice to have met you here.

Anonymous said...

Did I just say "you rock"? Love the 'emptying'part...thanks for the award once again :)

Chizy K said...

u deserve it my dear

Anonymous said...

congratulation & tnxx for tagging me sistah..honoured...hate animals with a passion?..i feel you becox it takes time & money to look after them....& i don't have that..:).. die 'empty'? wow!...by HIS GRACE...it's a pleasure knowing you :)

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your awards dear, and it's funny, we share so much in common. I like the last one, that's a great way to look at using our talents while alive. All the best!

DesperateNaijaWoman said...

Omo-oba! Love that you love my blog and I love you right back and 'loud thots' too AND I hope you will love me still if I humbly accept this beautiful award BUT dont do ALL the stuff that it requires.

One cos I could never be as succint as you were with yours. I write loooooooonnnnng and being as I did my 7 things before for an earlier award (so perhaps you might want to refer to that blog? lol!)I would hate to inflict myself on people a 2nd time around! Lol! And am so horrid I have not even tagged the 15 people from THAT one till this day. So please iya oko mi lovingly let me off the hook for this one....It will not look good at all to have a pending tag list of 30 people! Lol!


Madame Sting said...

Thanks for the award lady. I'm not like u o! I love animals. I was severely attached to my little doggie, Lenie before i left for med school. He was like my child. I also have 2 parakeets, Ping and Bleu. We had 2 cats growing up, Jamie and Lucy. However, i only like kittens not cats cos they get boring and too independent when they are grown. Kittens are very playful and cute.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Madame Sting said...

By the way, i have a personal blog www.nigerianscorpio.com. Wasn't sure if you knew that :)

Naijamum said...

Thanks so much for the award
I shall reply asap
Thanks also for loving my blog....Love yours right back!!

olaoluwatomi said...

Thank you for the blog award! God bless you!

RemiRoy said...

Hey Dear. Do check out and download my e-book 'From the Sidelines'
Details are on my blog.

omoba-adeteju! said...

waoh!avnt been here in some days, guess i av to respond to all the comments above.

*Remi Roy:congrats on the e book, thats a good one o..would check right away...really nice meeting you too via this forum.

*Lara Daniels:Sis, you also rock; Wale Taylor's story makes you rock the more!

*Ibhade:Your blog brings smile to my face and laughter to my heart. I love your originality. Keep 'em coming sis!!!

*Myne: Happy to share so much with a Genius like you. I admire you a great deal,particularly your works. Keep being you sis, the sky is indeed your starting point!!!

*Desperate Naija Woman: Ma sista Divine!!!I can understand and so I have easily let you off the hook. Keep being desperate for Jesus!!!

*Madame Sting: Following your personal blog right away!!!

*Naija Mum: You are heartily welcome


Uzezi said...

nice blog. my first stop i think

Myne Whitman said...

Been a while, just came over to say hi!

HoneyDame said...

I love your last point, ie the dying empty!!! It is a well thought out point. I pray God helps you achieve this

Rhapsody B. said...

blessings and congratulations....