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Monday, February 21, 2011


I am angry!!!
Totally angry in my spirit man as I type this post.
I type with tears in my heart....
I am angry because the devil is trying to insult the God that I serve, the God that I worship, my maker through whom all things were created, my father through whom nothing is impossible....

During the powerful Church service yesterday, the Guest Minister made an altar call for women waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, and I was terribly shocked at the large turn out of women in this category. Quite a number of women were in this category and the M.O.G ministered unto them. I didnt know when tears started rolling down my face as I began to intercede for this women where I was standing. I also remembered that a newly wed sister in the choir at the last rehearsal shared her testimony of how God saved her life after going through a miscarriage.
I am certain that this is just the Devil's handiwork because my bible tells me that ......none shall miscarry.(Exodus 23v. 26)

I'm angry because about this time in year 2009, I also had a miscarriage but I am THANKFUL today that GOD HAS INDEED GIVEN ME A NEW SONG. He made me a JOYFUL MOTHER of a JOYFUL and BEAUTIFUL GIRL ever so full of life and I know for sure that He will yet do it for these women. I choose to call them "WAIING/ EXPECTANT MOTHERS".The devil is really trying to steal our joy as believers, to steal our testimonies...I make boldly to say today that we shouldnt allow the devil. If the devil cant steal our joy, know for sure that he cant keep our goods.

I have also been there before so I know what it really feels like to be in God's waiting room. Yours might not be for the fruit of the womb but for something else. Permit me to share with you some few dos and donts that I learnt while in the waiting room.

In God's waiting room , you DONT grumble, you DONT envy, you DONT complain, you DONT cry (this is hard but really it is the truth).


I am convinced with no iota of doubt that God who did it for me is FAITHFUL and he will yet do it again for ALL THE WAITING MOTHERS. I encourage you to believe that God is a God of miracle. He has done it before and He will do it again because he makes all things beautiful in His time. I encourage you to take a step of faith and name your babies, furnish their nurseries, buy your baby's items, rehearse your testimonies,declare your confessions over and over again "I REFUSE TO BE BARREN" "I AM A JOYFUL MOTHER OF JOYFUL CHILDREN" "I REJECT MISCARRIAGE" , MY MARRIAGE SHALL BE BLESSED WITH CHILDREN SURROUNDING OUR TABLE"
YES!!!Go ahead and take that step of faith.
Remember that you create your own world with your thoughts and your confessions.

I am confident that with God all things are possible, I am confident that these women will stand in the church and testify to the goodness of the lord, I am confident that my dear sister will yet again stand with her baby in her arms and testify to God's faithfulness.


I am confident that everyone in God's waiting room (be it for the fruit of the womb or whatsover) will stand to the shame of the devil and the glory of the God we serve.

I am confident that in God's waiting room, "weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning, I AM CONFIDENT that the "morning is here!

I am confident that we will sing "THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG....."
Yes I am angry at the devil but I am confident in my father!!!

With love and prayers,


Rita said...

God is faithful. He that did it for you will do it for those women. I like the tips you shared "In God's waiting room , you DONT grumble, you DONT envy, you DONT complain, ..." because these can delay the blessings and indeed God can come through for anyone who believes...

RemiRoy said...

Yes, I do believe that no matter our issues, our God is Strong to save and deliver. A similar case i had once was when Pastor prayed for Single peeps who desired to be married. People thronged out o, in their numbers, both men and women. He later called specifically for those over the age of 35, you can't even begin to imagine.

God knows what we go through and if we stick with him and intercede for one another, He will never leave us to the mercy of the evil one.
Indeed He has given us authority.

Thanks for this!

P.S. Didn't know you blog was here o. Nice :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

I join my faith with yours and pray that God will deliver their expectations before long. I also use this as a medium to touch every other person WAITING - for the dream job, for the life partner, for peace in their home, for promotion... MAY GOD THRU THE HOLYSPIRIT BREATHE UPON YOU ALL...Amen.

omoba-adeteju! said...

@rita, thanks for following and for your comment

@remiroy,i say amen to ur prayers, yea this is my blog o, though am a rookie blogger :),thanks for your comment too..

P.E.T. projects, i scream a believing AMEN to ur prayers,i appreciate ur comments

i am cock sure that we will have more great testimonies to share IJN.

Berry said...

Amen to all the prayers and in every area of our lives...

Myne Whitman said...

Lovely post, and I say Amen to your prayers too. I'll be sharing soon about a Nigerian Author who wrote a book about this. Very touching...

olaoluwatomi said...

Lovely post! And nice lessons about what not to do when waiting! I pray that those looking up to God for good gifts will receive them! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the pain and the hurt that comes from waiting for a child. It is a very painful process. I have loved ones too who are waiting patiently and they are on my prayer list every day. I pray that God will answer those prayers speedily and put a new song in the mouths of these women as he did for you. God bless you.

DesperateNaijaWoman said...

I was wondering who I was REALLY mad at this morning. Sure I was mad at my mgm cos he made me mad. Sure I was mad at myself for letting my mgm make me mad. But thanks to your post I now see that I was really mostly mad at the enemy for it was he that was at the bottm of all my 'madness'. I was mad cos I had let me allow me get mad....at the wrong people.......So here I was sick in my body. mind and spirit.......but your post cleared my fog a bit.....am not there yet but am better.......instead of staying mad as the enemy for trying to insult my God, I shall just get up and make sure he is not using me to insult my God. I will STAND! On God's promises.....to the complete frustration of the devil........O se o jare, Omo Oba!

Anonymous said...

God does not leave us, but there is surely a place called' God waiting room'', it is the baker's shop, the goldsmith anvil where we are broken and refined for the master's purpose. like i wrote on facebook , we dare not keep quiet during this period , we got to talk the Word and shame the devil.well done, Teju

Anonymous said...

God is ever faithful and much more eager than us to bring it to pass. I join my faith with yours and look forward to the awesome testimonies.

Daughter of Her King said...

Thank you so much for this really encouraging....

I really appreciate this.