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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

story of my life

I stumbled on this write up which i wrote 4 yrs ago..........

Of a truth ......the story has become  a reality ......he is faithful.

THE STORY OF MY LIFE..........by Adeteju Atanda-Ajimotokan on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 11:38am
13th August 2009,i looked back over the years and my deep thoughts gave birth to this short note.......
In the womb, GOD kept me and i said OLUWAKEMI;
Nursery school, He protected me and i said OLUWAPAMIMO;
Primary school, He overcame for me and i said OLUWASEGUN;
Secondary school, He glorified me and i said OLUWASOGO;
University, He lifted me up and i said OLUWAGBEMIGA;
Law School, He surprised me and i said OLUWAJOMILOJU;
During and after Nysc, I said OLUWATOBILOBA;
I look at where i am now and i am saying OLUWASEUN;
13th August 2010, i will be saying OLUWADOLAPO
In subsequent years, i will say OLUWADAMILOLA, OLUWATAMILORE,OLUWASEMILORE......
Through it all, i will say OLUWASEUNBABARALAYE MI!!!

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