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Thursday, February 3, 2011



These are the lines of an old nursery rhyme

Procastination they say, is a thief of time!!! I have chosen to voice my thots on it simply because I have been guilty of this act in several and countless ways.The ones that readily come to mind are as follows:

One, a friend's wedding is in a couple of days, av had her "aso ebi"
with me for some weeks and here I am doing what my mother always call "dying minute rush"....(I am just giving it to a fashion designer and of course I av to pay more for it to be ready in a couple of days!!!).

Again, I decided to bless two different families with some portion of the very large quantity of food stuffs we got from our last trip to our home town during the festive season.First family on my mind , i suceeded in giving at a very good time and then I kept the whole stuff in my kitchen cabinet....of course i see the stuffs daily and i kept on saying soooner than later I will get it across to the second family.

A conversation ensued between the head of the second family (I intended to bless)and I, when we paid them a visit and then he said something that made me feel very very bad...(i really should be flogged you know)..they had no foodstuffs at home and so they had to go shopping (chei!!!can you imagine????just because I was not proactive enough, I can imagine the amount I would have helped them save If only I didnt procrastinate what i ought to have done.

Lastly, about blogging, i pushed past the level of "giving birth" and then went asleep again not because I didnt have THOTS to VOICE OUT but simply because of procrastination.

Today, I have chosen to come out of my comfort zone and deal with procrastination by "doing what I have to do when I ought to do them".In dealing with procrastination, I have learnt how to have a "to do list" where I write down all I am supposed to do and then tick them off as done once I get them done. Also, i know so well that prayer works because the greatest book ever written says in Proverbs 16v.3 "Ask the lord to bless your plans, and you will be successful in carrying them out."(Good news translation-my best translation at the moment).

More suggestions on how to deal with procrastination are welcome....


Rahab Memoirs said...

Wll done,Teju, am guilty of this too, always postponing, it even applies to my study time, and prayer time,we are helped of the Lord , He will give us more grace to be women of virtue.

Anonymous said...

Ha! procrastination?...guilty!! ...i understand you o jare....e no easy...na small small oo..it's well...take care.

p.s...tnx so much for taking your time out to read all my posts!:)

Oladimeji said...

Do I even have to say. If u r gulty of procastinating, I should probably be condenmed because of it but God dey plus we tell ourselves the truth and we move forward. For instance, I've been thinking of writing a blog. In fact seeing yours is making me feel like start one now but I have no concrete plan so on to other things besides talking was never really my strong point. Wow, look at me go.

adejoke said...

R dia pple dat r not guilty of procastination??? God should help us!